Hiragana & Katakana Learning Bundle

Perfect as the first step in learning Japanese. By learning hiragana and katakana you will open the door to learning many other things related to Japan! はじめの一歩を踏み出そう!

This bundle includes:
• Hiragana and Katakana Learning Kit from @gengoya.club
• Squared Book with snap lock
• Red and Blue Color Pencil
• Batons double pen Red & Blue

Rp 175.000,-


Make your own custom book. With various combinations, every part of the book is free for you to customise and you can even add your own name on it!

Custom Book Highlights

Read our stories from our past events. Gegambar, is our original event which supports local illustrators and connects them with people who wants to experience being drawn with different illustration styles.

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